2020 Congress Sponsorship Opportunities

Be Seen at GWCO Congress

Being a GWCO Congress sponsor is the most effective way to show your potential/current customers that you support GWCO and the Optometric Industry. Because print advertising, digital advertising, and additional booth representative registrations are included in most levels, sponsorship maximizes your presence at Congress.

GWCO offers a variety of special event sponsorship opportunities to increase your exposure and reflect your level of commitment to the optometric profession. Available on a first-come, first-served basis.

New this year! We are using Map Dynamics for our Sponsor/Exhibitor reservations. Features include:

  • User account portal - Have open access to edit opportunities purchased, add your representatives, pay online, access to interactive booth, and more!
  • Automated messages - Keep you updated on the next steps, any items needed, payment reminders, and more!
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Sponsor Level Recognition

Sponsorship levels and grants are determined and recognized independently. Sponsor recognition levels include contributions that directly reduce fixed/standard Congress expenses (e.g., items, events, and in-kind contributions approved by GWCO). Exhibit space and advertising in the onsite manual do not count toward sponsor level recognition.

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Be Seen at Events & Activities

Events & Activities Offerings

  • AM Refreshments (Three available)
  • PM Refreshments (Two available)
  • Exhibit Hall Refreshments (One available)
  • OD Branding Seminar (Four available*)
    *Single Company Limit Three
  • Opening Keynote - NEW!
  • Lunch Seminars (Six standard 1-hour seminars available) OR (Two exclusive 1-hour seminars available*) *Contact GWCO for exclusive seminar discount code
  • OD ConneX (Seven spots available)
  • Presidents’ Council  (One available) 
  • Welcome Reception  (One available)
  • Exhibit Hall Marketplace Ribbon Cutting (One available)
  • President’s Reception (One available) 
  • ParaPerks Seminar - NEW! (Four available)
  • Exhibit Hall Lightning Talks - NEW! (Ten available)

Student Program

  • AM Program (One available)
  • Lunch (One available)
  • PM Program (One available)
  • Student Travel Grants (Contact GWCO for allocation)

Be Seen in Promotions

Onsite Manual Promotion

  • Inside Front Cover (One available)
  • Inside Back Cover (One available)
  • Outside Back Cover  (One available)
  • Full Page Inside
  • 1/2 Page Inside
  • 1/4 Page Inside

Signage Promotion

  • 3’ x 6’ Double-Sided Panel Sign
  • Water Cooler Station (One available)

Digital Promotion

  • Mobile App Sponsor (One available)
  • Wireless Internet Connection (One available)
  • Customized Email to Attendees (Six available)
  • Featured Exhibitor Listing in the Mobile App

Promotional Items

  • Pens
  • Customized Key Cards
  • Reusable Water Bottles
  • Name Badge Lanyard
  • Umbrellas
  • Congress Totebags

Would you like to build a custom sponsorship package? 

If needed, we can modify or customize an event or product to align with your marketing goals. The GWCO office is happy to help you navigate all of the 2020 sponsorship offerings. Please give our office a call (206) 209-5273 to learn more and have help filling out the online form.